For any question or concern regarding the RILEM 252-CMB-Symposium, please feel free to contact us :

The ISBS Institut für Straßenwesen TU Braunschweig (Braunschweig Pavement Engineering Centre), Beethovenstraße 51 b, 38106 Braunschweig.

How to get to the ISBS Institut für Straßenwesen (Beethovenstraße 51b, 38106 Braunschweig)

ISBS is situated at 40 minutes of the hotel FourSide and you would need approximately of 20 minutes to join Tram lines 3 and 2 (you also have to walk a little).
Line 3 (Volkmarode): hop on at Hagenmarkt and get off at Mozartstraße (5 stops) => recommended; then follow the map directions on your mobile device (QR-Code) Line 2 (Siegfriedviertel): hop on at Hagenmarkt and get off at Ottenroder Straße (10 stops)

The following map shows you the way from the FourSide Hotel to the ISBS and if you want to import it directly in your phone, you can use the QR-Code.

From Google maps