The RILEM 252-CMB-Symposium and the RILEM Cluster F-TCs Annual Meeting will be held in the Fourside Hotel Braunschweig, Jöddenstraße 3, 38100 Braunschweig, which is located in the city centre of Braunschweig.

Braunschweig is located in the Northern part of Germany, 200 km west of Berlin and 200 km south of Hamburg. With a population 250,000, it is the largest city in the region between Hannover and Berlin. The history of Braunschweig is closely linked to Henry the Lion , Guelph Duke of the 12th century. His lion, in the form of a bronze statue is still the heraldic symbol of the city, also known as the Lion City. The lively thousand-year old history of Braunschweig is reflected in the picturesque half-timbered buildings that are particularly well preserved.

Scientific research find its home in Braunschweig. According to a recent EU study, Braunschweig is located in the most research intensive region in Europe, boasting the highest density of scientists. Over 20,000 students study at the Technische Universittät Braunschweig, the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhoch-schule) and the University of Art (Kunsthochschule, HBK). Braunschweig is home of 27 research institutions and 250 companies in the field of high-tech. The Braunschweig region has by far the highest Research and Development R&D index of the entire European economic area. 7.1 % of Braunschweig's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is dedicated to R&D.

How to access Braunschweig

By plane:

The nearest airport is Hannover Airport HAJ, located 70 km in the west of Braunschweig. Suburban train S5 connects the airport with Hannover’s main 387 days remaining to the RILM-CMB-Symposium

  • railway station, from where trains to Braunschweig depart every hour.  click here
  • Frankfurt Airport FRA is the main airport in Germany for direct flights from overseas. which lies 340 km in the southwest of Braunschweig. A trip of about 3½ hours by train with a change of train at Frankfurt central station has to be included.

  • Berlin Airport-Tegel located 200 km in the East of Braunschweig. Bus 09, Bus 109, Bus 128 and Bus TXL connects the airport with Berlin’s main railway station, from where trains to Braunschweig depart every hour. click here

By train:
Braunschweig is located on the main ICE (Inter City Express – high speed train network) line Berlin–Frankfurt/Main. For timetables, tickets and information please visit German Railway website: this is offered in different languages. click here

By car:
Braunschweig is served by highway A2/E30 Berlin to Ruhr district with connection to the A7 leading to Hamburg and A7/E4 towards Frankfurt/Main. Highways are toll-free.